Imagine what your money can do for you

As everyone wants their hard earned money to work harder for them and with bank deposit rates currently giving such a low return, it may be time to examine what exactly your money is doing for you.

As part of our service, we will help you to complete a risk profile questionnaire. This questionnaire enables us to recommend a suitable savings and investment solution for you, as we appreciate that not everyone has the same appetite to risk versus reward.

The risk profile questionnaire focuses on:

• Your investment knowledge and experience..
• Your financial situation.
• Your personal circumstances.
• Your investment goals and objectives.

Once we have established your attitude to risk – ranging from a conservative investor to the more adventurous kind – we will make an investment recommendation to you. And once the investments have been made, we will keep in contact with you at least once a year or more regularly if you wish.

If after that initial investment you make a further investment or increase your savings we will go through the same risk profile questionnaire. This allows us to establish your current attitude to risk and make sure that the original investment taken still matches your attitude to risk.


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MyLife Financial was founded by Matt Conlon to provide unbiased and professional financial advice in all areas of financial planning. We specialise in protection advice for families, individuals and businesses alike. We strive to cut through the jargon that is often associated with financial planning advice to offer our customers clear and concise financial advice in the areas of Life Insurance, Income Protection, Pensions and Savings and Investments.
At MyLIfe Financial our customers are our business. We are also completely flexible in how you wish to interact with us. Perhaps you wish to conduct your business online, over the phone or face-to-face; whatever your preference is, we can cater for it.
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